Main Street Project Moves Forward

N Main street level hi res

Last evening, the Concord City Council voted to allow City staff to explore a revised bidding approach and contractor selection process as well as more flexible project parameters in order to generate more interest and competition among the contracting community.

Revised project parameters that will be explored include:

  • A Construction Manager General Contractor process to select a contractor based on qualifications who will then work with City staff to develop a plan to get the project done on time and on budget.
  • Day work (except for significant paving or water work).
  • Expanded work areas that still ensure traffic flow and pedestrian access to downtown.
  • Enough flexibility in construction zone parking for proper work while still affording usable spaces for Downtown patrons.

Because it has been determined that a supply of hot water from Concord Steam to Main Street for a snowmelt system is no longer viable, the Council directed City staff to explore other options, one of which is to construct a city-owned, gas-fired heating plant to power the system.

The plan is for City staff to return to the Council in April with a proposed contractor, scope and project price. The Council will then hold a public hearing on the new project scope and projected budget.

If approved by Council, the schedule should allow for construction to start as early as May.

Click on link below to view presentation given to City Council:

Main Street City Council February 18 2014

Coming Soon

  • Construction

Project Goals

  • Create a Complete Street
  • Enhance the Streetscape
  • Improve Access and Mobility
  • Provide Gathering Spaces
  • Promote Economic Vitality
  • Introduce Sustainable Elements