Council to review options Tuesday night

Phenix Hall med res

The City engineering and development staff will provide an update to the Council on options for Main Street Project construction, Tuesday, February 18 at 7 p.m. at City Council Chambers.

Options presented will include:

  • Rejecting the sole construction bid received on 1/24.
  • Pursuing an alternative contractor selection process that provides both the City and potential contractors more flexibility in cooperating on an effective and efficient work program.
  • Revising the project parameters to include: day work; expanded (larger) work areas that still ensure traffic flow and pedestrian access to downtown; more flexibility in work zone parking; and a final decision on the proposed snowmelt system.

It has been determined that it is unlikely that Concord Power and Steam will have the capacity to provide hot water to Main Street for a snowmelt system. The remaining option is constructing a City-owned, gas fired heating plant to power the system. If the Council is not willing to accept the costs associated with the system City staff’s recommendation is that this item be removed from the project specifications.

Coming Soon

  • Construction

Project Goals

  • Create a Complete Street
  • Enhance the Streetscape
  • Improve Access and Mobility
  • Provide Gathering Spaces
  • Promote Economic Vitality
  • Introduce Sustainable Elements